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Maple and Vine

"Sarah Ripper’s direction of this production is even and very efficient. The actors cover a lot of ground with a minimal amount of movement. The use of music used in certain scenes added to the conversation happening." (Patrick Chavis, The Orange Curtain Review)


"Those who’ve turned Stephen Schwartz’s maiden effort into the international sensation that it has become will find The Wayward Artist’s first-season-opener a Godspell-lover’s dream come true. As for non-believers, even they will find much to appreciate and enjoy." (StageSceneLA, 2018)


"Under Sarah Ripper’s more than capable direction, a student cast born nearly half-a-century after Cry-Baby showed up at the picnic get ‘50s America pitch-perfectly right ... Cry-Baby delivers the entertainment goods … and then some." (StageScene 2017).

"With catchy musical melodies, enjoyable choreography and an unorthodox story of teen romance, “Cry Baby, The Musical” is riveting, making it a great show to get lost in." (Daily Titan, 2017).

The Drowsy Chaperone

"Few Broadway musicals of recent years stand up to repeat visits as entertainingly as The Drowsy Chaperone ... Seven productions later, I’m loving this magical, marvelous musical as much as ever, and never more so that at Cal State Fullerton, where Titan talent once again rocks." (StageSceneLA, 2016).

"CSUF produced the musical under the direction of Sarah Ripper, achieving a night full of laughs and perhaps a few sniffles toward the end" (Daily Titan, 2016).

The Merry Wives of Windsor

"‘Merry Wives’ at CSUF is the bard at his best" (OC Register, 2016).

"Theater Review: The Merry Wives of Windsor" (Daily Titan, 2016).

Really, Really

"Theater Review: Really Really" (Daily Titan, 2015).

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